1. Losing virginity to casual sex: yay or nay? | Yahoo Answers


    8/24/2011 · ... d ask again for more opinions. We are both 15 and neither of us have had sex before. He texted me asking if I would want to sleep with him.

  2. Casual sex yay or nay? | Yahoo Answers

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    6/4/2011 · Casual sex yay or nay? So what's your opinion on it? ... If you are ok with casual sex and end up having a lot of partners then you finally decide ...

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    5/20/2010 · Casual Sex...Yay or Nay.. What's good World, and hello Love?! ... The question of the day/night is Casual Sex. Would you ever consider having Casual Sex?

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    Sex on the First Date: Yay or Nay? 3 weeks ago. Add Comment. Written by Jen Kirsch. ... (I carry condoms in a casual Altoids case in my purse as a just in case.)

  5. YAY, yay, meh, nay, or NAY...? | Yahoo Answers

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    12/3/2008 · Below is a list of bands/artists. Rate each using this system: *LOVE* = YAY Casual fan = yay Indifferent/unfamiliar = meh Casual distaste = nay *HATE ...

  6. Poll: Sex before marriage, yay or nay? | Yahoo Answers

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    9/27/2010 · Do you think sex before marriage is OK? Do you think casual sex is OK? What religion (or lack thereof) are you?

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    Watch "Yay or Nay: Is Sex Good?" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor. Videos. All Originals; Adam Ruins Everything; Batman; Hardly Working; Jake and Amir; Comics ...

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    Online Dating in Ottawa: Yay or Nay? ... How many of them are the correct sex? And single? ... If it's just casual sex ...

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    * 9. casual sex: yay or nay? yes. yes! YES!!! ... do i look like i let casual men stick their casual weiners in me casually?

  10. Rebound- Yay or Nay?

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    Rebound- Yay or Nay? Hello ... You say that you can't have just casual sex and it's something TO WORK ON? Why? what for? How about taking it the other way round, ...